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If you are looking for online customer service you should turn your attention to Spexe. It is a SaaS communication system on your website. It works for your customers and is a system for all branch offices, websites and employees as well.

Your site visitors communicate through the website chat and the customer service representative through a usual chat application like Miranda or QIP. Spexe fits for corporate clients and affiliates perfectly.

One and, maybe, the most important advantage of the system is that a customer service representative communicates via Jabber IM and a customer via chat on your website.

You have no need to reload the webpage to see a line status of the customer service representative. It updates automatically causing no troublesome moments in the process of communication. Spexe does not involve any extra load on the website, server or hosting service!
Customers are able to send their questions via eMail when a support service representative is not online.

The major Spexe feature is that multiple customer service representatives can work on your website simultaneously. Using a single button and have several representatives at the same time is possible! The system will also select that one who is available.

Template phrases can be used as responses. It stands to reason they should be prepared previously. Chat session transfer allows you to switch clients to the other customer service representative. With Spexe system SSL encrypted connection is also available. Spexe provide the operator with such abilities as to control chat logs and have traffic analysis. With Spexe you can archive dialogs in XML format. An API is a means to make it.

With Spexe you’ll get:
-    As minimal connection cost as possible
-    Customer support service on the free base
-    As many visitors of your website as it is desired
-    As many chat sessions as possible

There is no reconnection to other website and all functions of the system are accessible. Moreover, Spexe offers you mutual operator communication and corporate conferences.

Spexe - an online customer service system that will help you to provide your customers with the perfect customer support. Many features and abilities offer you a chance to create a fair name and sound reputation for your company that means you’ll get more client and sales!

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