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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 11:49
LiveChatNow is your reasonable solution! The application fits the bill and can be an excellent profit making decision. LiveChatNow has advanced features at a low price. Moreover, it provides multiple operators option.

The setup process of LiveChatNow does not live up to its promise. The program doesn’t step you through the process making you to fulfill everything by yourself. It is nothing to worry about because the process takes a little bit more time than it is expected. You also should study out the controls which are not intuitive. When everything is completed you will be pleasantly surprised with the performance.

Along with many useful features there are some that are difficult or even lack. The multi-tasking option exists but is not simple. All the features needed are not accessible from the customer chat window. To talk with several customers at one time is also difficult. Non-intuitive multi-tasking option is supported with some monitoring and tracking features. The operator can’t track visitor footprints but can observe live keywords.

Moreover, multiple chat operator convenience features with a built-in spell checker are included. There are only few marketing tools available. So you can use a banner ad in your chat window to advertise to customers.

LiveChatNow has many useful options. It offers an "unlimited" plan for those who need multiple operators. You can easily upgrade your chat plan. To have as many chat operators as you want is also available. If you are going to expand your business LiveChatNow will help you!

LiveChatNow is a basic and solid program perfect for carrying the online business forward. There is the only obstacle – the complexity of setup process and lacking of some features. The application will perfectly fit you if you are not going to spend much for live chat support software.

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