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If you want to provide your users with live support on the real-time basis you should turn your attention to Zoho Assist. Zoho Assist offers you to email invitations to your users and have them join online easily. The service comes with proxies and firewalls, so users should not download any software.

Your sensitive connections will be protected with the SSL/128-bit AES encryption. Full support is guaranteed through your web browser. To start an online support session and have users affiliate to through the dedicated login page is simple. Efficient and fast service makes the login process as easy as possible!

There are several ways to join your users to the chat. The first one is to enter the email address of the user under “initiate session” field and you’ll have the user automatically connected into your meeting. The second way is to send a link of the session per IM. Just choose the best appropriate way for you to improve the service.

All connections with the information or sensitive transfer are made through SSL/128-bit AES encryption and upon the users approval.
Instant chat provides the opportunity to speak with the meeting host and user. With Zoho Assist sharing files becomes an effective practice. The file transfer panel included is very simple. Moreover, as it was mentioned above, the process is secured. To track events including real time events is extremely easy.

The PC diagnostics tool available will display memory, system, data drives and CPU, remote system services and their running status, remote system on-going processes, remote system software and hardware drivers activated, remote system software applications and programs initiated and client’s initiated programs when he/she runs the system.

With Zoho Assist group collaboration is possible. Zoho Assist provides your team members with the ability to work together and resolve any common troubles. A desktop plugin for MAC and Windows is available to initiate and manage support session. Use the desktop plug-in to be more organized and efficient.

Zoho Assist can work with many operating systems, such as Linux, MAC and Windows. You can establish remote desktop connections across different operating systems, for instance, Mac to Linux, Windows to MAC and Linux to Windows.

Present application can work with most browsers.  Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+ and Safari/Chrome with java plug-in are included. It is very practical due to no necessity to istall any special browser.

Zoho Assist is your way to success. It is a perfect solution for provide quick support to your customers and ability to collaborate for your team. 

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