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Loc8 is the SmartPath’s lead product. It includes a help desk service as well as asset management, service level agreement organization, a system search engine, SMS and email communication for employees, business analytics reports and system maintenance. Loc8 is a web-based application and can be accessed through many of web browsers as well as through mobile devices. This access is provided with the Loc8 Tablet application.

Loc8 key features:
-    Visual and clear displays present data in informative and simple manner.
-    Client assets management.
-    Analysis of possible trend issues.
-    Automated ticket and email integration.
-    History logs of trouble ticket updates and changes
-    Automated responses.
-    Automated communication to customers based on employee actions that resolve issues.
-    Staff notifications of ticket escalations, updates and creations.
-    Management of customer contact information

Loc8 is available as a perpetual license that can be installed on-premise or hosted on a private cloud. The application is suggested in three editions: MSP (Managed Service Provider), Enterprise and Business.

The SmartPath Loc8 product offers one unified system that includes many business functions. The help desk service is a practical and clean application that can ease service representatives’ jobs and improve customer satisfaction.

Additional Info

  • Mobile Integration: Yes
  • Reporting: Yes
  • Incident & Problem Management: Yes
  • Automated Assignment & Notifications: Yes
  • Email: Yes
  • Help Desk Tickets: Yes
  • Platform: Web based
  • Service Level Management: Yes

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