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Xigla Absolute Live Support 5.1 Edition is live help service with owned license. Offering many impressive features it is a reasonable solution.

Xigla Absolute Live Support 5.1 Edition comes with set features which are very useful. It offers  instant messenger system, multiple chats, unlimited departments and operators, automatic storage of transcripts, hot lead tracking and tracking visitor information, proactive chat, typing notification by the party, capturing visitor data, tracking of visitor footsteps, notifications and sound alerts, push files and pages, custom invitations.

Moreover, Xigla Absolute Live Support 5.1 Edition offers you such automatic features as auto-engage, URL’s linking, reconnection, chat transcripts purging, requeue of request and request handling.

E-mail chat transcript and signature option are also available. Xigla Absolute Live Support comes with text links, not graphic button, quick words, leave a message option and spell-checking. 

Xigla Absolute Live Support 5.1 Edition solid feature package includes also desktop launcher utility, live monitor, button code generator, independent support buttons for the representatives and departments, representatives photo support, reports and statistics, IP filter, optional form fields, request balancing and busy request reporting.

We should also mention that Xigla Absolute Live Support 5.1 Edition includes also such features as country look-ups, times of the representative login, canned commands and responses, hidden departments, pop-up blocker, metrics of session time, absolute FAQ manager, the request session rating,  review of the past conversations and printable transcripts. 

Xigla Absolute Live Support 5.1 Edition is an exclusive service that is very easy to setup, use and customize. The software should be installed on the server.

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