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Website Alive offers you flexibility and mobility being provided by cloud technology. Website Alive can be accessed both from your desk and from a mobile phone. This is its salient feature beside which Website Alive can provide you with the number of other superior features. TRUST certified privacy and built-in McAfee support can be listed there.

Website Alive is an easy to use and highly-customizable application. Perform all the operations by yourself! You can add logos, change fonts or customize buttons creating your own and unique live chat support service.

Moreover, Website Alive is web based that means NO installation on your server or PC. To start the program you need to insert string of code on your website and sign as operator. Then you will be able to monitor chats and website visitors. You also can install the code on several site getting the opportunity to manage them at a time. The application works with any OS. Mac and Linux are included. Website Alive can be run in many browsers. Safari is included.

It is easy to manage several web sites with Website Alive. The operator also can manage several chat conversations. Tabs are used for each conversation. That’s why there can appear insignificant difficulty with the displaying of each conversation on the screen. It can be resolved with transferring visitors to other operator. 

Website Alive can offer you lots of monitoring tools: to alert about a new visitor, to give the information about the visitor, the ability to send a “proactive invitation” that allows you to start the chat at will. So the visitor is not obliged to start it. Website Alive collect such information as: IPs, browser types, times, durations. Track of the actual chat conversations are also kept.

Any feature from customizable buttons to remote administration can be provided by Website Alive. Being fully customizable it allows you to form unique window types and chat buttons. There are eight font colors, seven fonts and a variety of font sizes to be selected from. There is also a number of pre-designed window types and buttons.

Having Website Alive you receive the opportunity of document sharing. Unfortunately, screen sharing and co-web browsing are not included. Being for some a necessary convenience the option costs a bit extra. With this service security, particularly with SSL secure data transfer, you can be sure about sensitive or customer personal information or block any IP if any problem appears with visitor or spammer.

The mobile chat option won’t allow you to miss an interaction with the visitor because it turns your web enabled T-Mobile G1, Blackberry Bold or iPhone into a portable workspace. That’s why it is not so important if you are at your desk or not. When no operators are available you can set Website Alive to contact email.

In spite of many features, Website Alive has some disadvantages. So you are not provided with the opportunity to share documents with the user or to search the history of the customer. So you will be obliged to send any document per email and won’t get additional information about the customer.

So, WebsiteAlive can support multiple operators as well as conversations. Being web-based it is extremely easy to use and allows you to start the chat in a few minutes. It also doesn’t require installing live chat support software allowing you to chat from the mobile phone as well. 

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  • Online/Offline Messaging System:
  • Built-In Chat Buttons/Images:
  • Customizable Chat Buttons:
  • Customizable Chat Window:
  • Remote Administration:
  • Self-Generating Scripts:
  • Sound Alerts:
  • Visual Alerts:
  • Canned Greetings:
  • Modify Canned Greetings:
  • Multiple Chat Sessions:
  • Chat Transfer to Other Operators:
  • Built-In Spell Checker:
  • Typing Indicator:
  • Email Chat Transcripts:
  • Force Webpages:
  • Force Images:
  • Co-Web Browsing:
  • Document Sharing:
  • Floating Invitation to Chat:
  • Customer Survey:
  • Advertising Features:
  • Live Keywords:
  • Mobile Option:
  • Chat:
  • Monitor Chats:
  • Web-to-Mobile Transfer:
  • Platform: iOs, Android, BlackBerry
  • SSL Secure Data Transfer:
  • Block IP Addresses:
  • Repeat Visitor Identification:
  • Visitor History/Transcripts:
  • Track Visitor Refer:
  • Track Visitor Footprints:
  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring:
  • Real-Time Visitor Alert:
  • Proactive Invitation:
  • Capture of Visitor Data:
  • Website Statistics Summary:
  • Who Is Browser Lookup:
  • Live Chat Support:
  • Email Support:
  • Toll-Free Telephone Support:
  • 24/7 Support:
  • Windows 7:
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