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Velaro gets one of the leading positions among live chat support softwares available today. The live chat options are fantastic. With over a decade invested in customer support, the application is very impressive, intuitive and allows using a great wealth of features.

It may take time to explore all the options of Velaro. But don’t worry; very soon you’ll like this software due to its quality and capabilities.

Your company will benefit from Velaro also because the manufacturer is constantly improving software in order to fit all customers’ needs. Velaro offers real-time visitor monitoring, exceptional chat features, and constant detailed reporting.

Velaro software was created to be easy and of high quality. This live chat support software provides powerful tools, which allow permanent visitor monitoring, tracking and reporting. Using Velaro you will be always well-informed about your visitor, receiving the detailed information you’ll need to run a successful business and maintain loyal customers.

Velaro focuses on creating a special business strategy that is intended for achieving each of your goals. You will be impressed with the level of their customer support service. The support staff is very knowledgeable and you can feel free to ask any question about Velaro’s features.

Velaro is extremely customizable software. You may configure the application as you like and need. Using a big deal of options your company will definitely succeed. As the moths go by, your company may require more staff. It won’t become a problem. The choice is always yours.

As the administrator of Velaro you may monitor your agents’ interactions via administrator control panel. You will be always well informed about pat or real-time chats. Through this panel you can also get information on more than 50 different reports concerning various aspects. It may seem a little bit complicated to study all the tools and functions of the software. Taking into consideration this moment, the manufacturer has prepared several online videos that will walk you through setup. Get the free training with one of Velaro’s Training Engineers, who would be always glad to offer step-by-step instructions on how to install and use the software.

It doesn’t matter what business you are. You may have 10 or even 1000 customers who need technical support at one time. If there are no many agents, it may become difficult to handle all customers. Velaro offers ability to multi-task during the chat. Your agents would appreciate it for sure. Now your agents can co-browse your website along with the customer, thus both parts will be able to look through one and the same webpage, same items and same information.

Another great feature of this live chat support application is web-conferencing. Speaking “face to face” will add your company additional bonus. It is an excellent way for your customer to meet with and become comfortable with your agent. You’ll also get audio and video capabilities of premium class that will create a sense of real conversation between you and your customer.

The standardized script allows you to send a prewritten response to the initial visitor enquiry. At this moment your agent can find specific information about the visitor. This will lead to higher level service for your customers.

Real-time is a frequent phrase, especially in the on-line sphere of services. As a serious organization you need to know for sure all the aspects of your website, including info about your page visiting and exact traffic patterns at all times.  Real time visitor monitoring is customizable feature provided by Velaro. Employing special filters you are able to see which customer requests live chat and to whom of them you may offer “proactive chat invitation”.

Velaro suggests waiting a little bit before deploying the proactive chat. So, you give the visitor from 30 to 60 seconds to look through the site more carefully.

Sometimes it comes really impossible to take customers chat. But a missed chat can result lost customer. Velaro was manufactured so you don’t lose any of your client. Even if the agent is unavailable, a missed chat form will appear, thus your visitor can leave his information. You can configure the settings in order to receive even “off line” info. Then you need just to read the customer’s information and assist him a.s.a.p.

Velaro is a live chat support software that provides advanced and basic tools. These integration tools help you to render first-class service with shopping cart integration and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Among advanced chat invitations and marketing tools included in Velaro live chat support software are: unique and targeted chat invites, possibility to chat with more than one customer at once, ability to switch between one conversation to another, suggested purchase tools, transferring chart conversations between operators as well as supporting them, option to email chat transcripts, sending out automatic responses, suggested availability statuses and alerts.

Such modern marketing tool as "Intelligent Engagement" takes live chart support software to a higher level making us wonder at its efficiency.
During the chat your customers get the possibility to see the following information:

•    Web visitor name
•    Customer’s shopping chat items
•    The purchase history of the customer
•    Last two years chart records
•    Personal traffic pattern

Make the way the agents interact with the visitors much easier with the help of this feature.

The primary tool valuable to ensure the success of your live help service is reporting. Velaro’s reports make it easier to see the results of your chat campaigns. These reports are able to communicate information through chats and can be shared with future or present clients, investors or company employees. You in turn can export them as Exel, HTML, PDF, MS Word or XML files. The periodicity of running them is your privilege. You can run them monthly, weekly or daily.

The help and support features state their message clearly and are easily accessible placing a support tab on the every website page. One click opens a "submit a ticket" window. Here you can write your name, question, email address and submit. Specific examples for usage and setup are included in Velaro's user guides.

Another source user’s need is the FAQs center. This FAQs center is subdivided into: "Most Viewed FAQs", "Latest FAQs" and "Recommended FAQs". The Knowledge Base included should contain helpful information concerning the software. At will you can give a careful perusal to the Solutions Center. There you can access guides, FAQs and most popular articles.

There is no limit on the operation quantity. Velaro does not set it, not counting some traffic limitations. For instance, 100,000 hits per month is the limit for the Enterprise edition and 10,000 hits per month is the limit for SMB package. A variety of traffic tracking packages also can be offered.

Such live chat support software as Velaro is great comprehensively. It’s a great product to be recommended to medium and small business.

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