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If you are looking for a comprehensive internal and fully customizable Help Desk and IT Service Management tool, turn your attention to ServiceWise. With this solution business rules can be enforced and business processes can be optimized. ServiseWise will be for the job whether your support organization contains 10 thousand or 25 persons.

ServiseWise provides the ability to streamline and automate help desk activities and IT services with configurable workflow, to email a searchable knowledge base and notification, or to process management.

Self service becomes much easier! High powered web portal includes status checks, online incident submission, intuitive knowledge base searches and online conversations. IT teams can be empowered by providing them a single and integrated service that will meet all their requirements: problem analysis and escalation, help desk incident management, optional holistic asset tracking and IT change management.

Embed options of the TechExcel ServiceWise allow the operator track all problems and incidents.  A full audit trial in the time of the resolution lifecycle is available. Change request records with the history of their changes can be stored.  Web Portal of End-User is completely customizable. Except that the End-User Web Portal is a single-access point, it provides such features as: requesting service, reporting problems, accessing request forms, downloading software and searching knowledge. The option of creating custom business processes and workflow without scripting and programming is a great advantage.

Implementation of your unique problem and incident resolution processes is realized by the using of the workflow editor that is extremely easy to use. The interface is fully customizable. The user can define fields and pages. The GUI tool offers you a complete customization of field choices and interfaces.

With this great solution you can create testing, review and approval tasks in the time of any request or incident. The option of auto-routing is also available. Thus you can route problems or incidents to any team member or to a group folder. Auto-Escalation involves the escalation of problems and incidents. These are based on a combination of time criteria (no progress made, elapsed time, etc.) and categories. Reminders and Alerts provide efficient communication during the resolution process.

The administrator or a team member can work locally and use the Web browser or Windows client. They also can work remotely and use Web browser. Administrators and team members’ remote working process doesn’t differ from a local one. They can work using usual functions. The same database allows supporting remote end-users worldwide, which in their turn get the access.

Support team representatives and end-users are able to add attachment. They also can use the built-in screen capture function adding pictures or documents to a ticket. To upload them to a knowledge base is also available.

Browser supports Netscape Communicator 6, IE 6.0 and Mozilla Firefox 1.0. it also perfectly works with Apple Safari 1.0.

Knowledge base of the ServiceWise stores all self-service support topics, resolved incidents, file attachments and HTML links that can be easily indexed and categorized there. The knowledge base keyword and full text searches rapidly return required documents. ServiceWise allows publishing resolved incidents as new knowledge items that helps to avoid similar problems. 

Reporting and analysis option is relatively wide. It includes out-of-the-box, complete, reporting with list reports, summary reports, trend reports and distribution reports. Each report can be saved being easy customizable. The usage of a reporting configuration page on a per-user basis allows it. The creation of Dynamic Web Query for on-demand management reporting is also available.

ServiceWise offers the perfect service for you and your team. You will be able to provide the customer with quick and full on-demand support that is 24/7 and has the end-user portal.

Additional Info

  • Change Management: Yes
  • Event Management: Yes
  • Availability Management: Yes
  • Knowledge Base/FAQ: Yes
  • Mobile Integration: Yes
  • Multi-Site Support: Yes
  • Multi-lingual Interface: Yes
  • Reporting: Yes
  • Historical Audit: Yes
  • Incident & Problem Management: Yes
  • Task Management: Yes
  • Automated Assignment & Notifications: Yes
  • Self-service Portal: Yes
  • Customizable Fields: Yes
  • Customizable Templates: Yes
  • Intuitive User Interface: Yes
  • Platform: Windows, Web Based
  • Workflow Management: Yes

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