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LivePerson is a live chat support software with plenty of features. This application appears to be one of the best live chat programs. It is a viable solution with traffic monitoring options, several marketing tools and all standard chat options.

The application is easy to use and there is nothing to worry about complexity. To remember the positions is easy due to the friendliness of program features. You can get and run the application in a few hours only. This will let you to connect with the customers as from your PC so and from the mobile phone.

The detailed instructions included make the application setup process really easy to run. After the process is completed you can start using the program. Of course, like other similar programs LivePerson has a multi-tasking option that is easy to use. To optimize workflow the interface was formed in a circular format. LivePerson let the operators to perform multiple conversations at once. This gives them the opportunity not to lose any potential client. The LivePerson interface allows also answering to several chats with ease. 

If you have LivePerson, you have a detailed statistics summary. Any tracking and monitoring features you are looking in the applications of this type are included. The software is able to track keyword search, navigation paths, repeat chatters/buyers/visitors, and geolocations.  Data is collected in real-time so that you can easily access it if you need any statistics information.

LivePerson have a great number of any features. Everything you need is included. LivePerson features make the using of the software an efficient experience. You can also collect any sort of information from the program chat statistics. LivePerson will provide you with the first-class customer service that means more revenues and less costs.

LivePerson does not set limits, does not determine the quantity of operators. Each operator has an additional charge.

LivePerson live chat support software includes outstanding features. If you have money to make them work use LivePerson and realize it. LivePerson functions are at a level higher than many others applications in this category.

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  • Online/Offline Messaging System:
  • Built-In Chat Buttons/Images:
  • Customizable Chat Buttons:
  • Customizable Chat Window:
  • Remote Administration:
  • Self-Generating Scripts:
  • Sound Alerts:
  • Visual Alerts:
  • Canned Greetings:
  • Modify Canned Greetings:
  • Multiple Chat Sessions:
  • Chat Transfer to Other Operators:
  • Built-In Spell Checker:
  • Typing Indicator:
  • Email Chat Transcripts:
  • Force Webpages:
  • Force Images:
  • Co-Web Browsing:
  • Document Sharing:
  • Floating Invitation to Chat:
  • Customer Survey:
  • Advertising Features:
  • Live Keywords:
  • Mobile Option:
  • Chat:
  • Monitor Chats:
  • Web-to-Mobile Transfer:
  • Platform: iOs, Android, Blackberry
  • SSL Secure Data Transfer:
  • Block IP Addresses:
  • Repeat Visitor Identification:
  • Visitor History/Transcripts:
  • Track Visitor Refer:
  • Track Visitor Footprints:
  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring:
  • Real-Time Visitor Alert:
  • Proactive Invitation:
  • Capture of Visitor Data:
  • Website Statistics Summary:
  • Who Is Browser Lookup:
  • Live Chat Support:
  • Email Support:
  • Toll-Free Telephone Support:
  • 24/7 Support:
  • Windows 7:
  • Windows Vista:
  • Windows XP:

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