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This is the live support operator interface that offers all necessary functions.  Being a Windows program Live Operator can be installed on the USB or PC of the operator.

Live Operator is the best way to provide support to your customers. If a customer has questions or need help he/she may ask for support.
Let us show the following process like a scheme:

Customer makes a request→ An operator generates code of the new session→ The operator transmits the code to the customer and explain how to use it→ A chat session is started by the customer.

The operator interface is easy to use. Providing a lot of useful features it gives the operator the ability to transfer files and provide remote assistance, to communicate through the text chat, Video IP, Audio IP, Mail and Skype synchronously.   

Live Operator provides you with all customer or visitor information when a new session starts. The information is provided automatically from the user database that stores it. If any problem appears a new ticket can be reopened, closed and even created.  

Live Operator is a great program to provide an excellent support to your customers. Succeed in the face of many difficulties is easy if you have Live Operator.

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