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Helpdesk Pilot is simple and intuitive help desk software. Powered by open source technology it is an affordable solution. With Helpdesk Pilot you’ll be able to provide service and support to your customers. The software installation will take one day. Medium and small enterprises actively use Helpdesk Pilot that deliver a quick and good return on investment.

There exist several commercial editions of Helpdesk Pilot, they are: enterprise, corporate, professional and standard.

Helpdesk Pilot includes many features such as activity tracking, RSS feed, plugin architecture and mass reply.

Key features:
-    Ticket management. User interface is simple, and tickets can be easily managed.
-    Customer panel provides users with the access to their ticket management system. The access can be obtained through any web browser.
-    Email management. Emails can be converted to tickets through email integration.
-    Reports and statistics. Users are able to view reports and statistics. Such user activity as time-spent and participation is also available.
-    Reporting. Reports are immediately created with the use of data from entire help desk sources.

Helpdesk Pilot:
-    Updates help desk software on a continuous basis. So the latest features are available for users.
-    Provides available add-ons. Users get the ability to pick and choose suitable application.
-    Creates solutions that include suggestions of their clients.

Powered by open source technology (PHP and MySQL) Helpdesk Pilot can be deployed on such servers as Linux, Windows, Macintosh and Unix. You can install the solution on your company’s intranet or on a shared hosting provider.

Helpdesk Pilot provides great amount of features and allows handling support requests. You also can choose one of four editions.

Additional Info

  • Reporting: Yes
  • Historical Audit: Yes
  • Time Tracking : Yes
  • Email: Yes
  • Help Desk Tickets: Yes
  • Issue Tracking: Yes
  • Platform: Linux, Windows, Macintosh and Unix

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