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Crafty Syntax effectiveness, simplicity and reliability are worthy of respect. The software is basic and comes with pre-installed features.

The process of Crafty Syntax installation is simple. You should unpack the archive and run the script included. Installation is quick and simple. The step-by-step guide is basic. It will hold you through the set-up process and help to use all basic features of the application. 

Crafty Syntax offers you unlimited users, department and operators, real time visitors live support, chat logging and transcripts, canned messages, proactive chat invites.

To monitor pages with the hidden icon is real if you have Crafty Syntax. It is not necessary to show a live help online/offline image. At the same time the option to invite visitors to the chat is also available.

Key features of the Crafty Syntax include:
-    Customizable graphics
-    Auto-invitations
-    Page and referrer tracking
-    Multiple operators and chat sessions
-     Leave a message option
-    Sound alerts
-    Quick and prompt replies
-    Ability to push urls

The operator can also see what the customer is typing.

Among customer support features you will find:
-    Unlimited users, departments and operators
-    Proactive chat invites
-    Canned messages
-    A unique tab system allows to talk with several users all at once
-    Real time live support
-    Users can email their questions to the operator
-    Chat sessions and visitor sessions simultaneous monitoring

Crafty Syntax offers easy tracking of referrers, transcripts, page visits, messages and key words.

Crafty Syntax provides extremely easy use, set-up process and customization. Moreover, its stability is impressive.

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