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If you want to decrease a help desk ticket lifecycle then turn your attention to the BridgeTrak Help Desk Solution. BridgeTrak is a low-cost solution to provide reliable and fast support. It is a highly customizable, intuitive and easy-to-install help desk. BridgeTrak is available either for Windows or Web platforms.

With BridgeTrak you can track all important information for you and your business. Dashboard views, reporting tools, flexible and fast data queries will allow you to know everything about your issues.

Users get the ability to reset their locked accounts and forgotten passwords. It can be done due to Desktop Authority Password Self-Service. Easy-to-use and robust system that reduces total number of help desk calls. The administrators in their turn can define the number and type of questions and to prepare the requirements for the certain group or department.

Both Windows and Web licenses are available. End user flexibility becomes greater. The user gets a free choice to work either via Web or Windows. They can also switch between platforms as needed. The software meets all the user needs and provides an excellent service.

BridgeTrak is easy-to-use, customizable and scalable help desk software that provides most of the requested benefits and features. Help desk, technical support, call center and IT professionals will find this software a superior one. BridgeTrack includes such modules as:

-    Bridge Access, due to which external contacts and customers can enter and look through ther issues and view the Knowledge Base via the Web. All this can be done without your support team interaction.
-    Bridge Auto Escalate improves helpdesk management automatically escalating trouble tickets.
-     Bridge Mail converts email from customers into BridgeTrak issues. It also adds that very issues.
-    Bridge Search is a powerful search engine tool that helps you to quickly search through entire information database.
-    With Active Directory Module to streamline the maintenance of managing your contacts and users with Active Directory Integration becomes easier.
-    To provide support to remote and local workers with centralized, secure and web-based remote control and remote management is cost-effective due to Desktop Authority Remote Management Gateway.

BridgeTrak appears to be a cost-effective and reliable help desk software solution that offers great amount of required features. Help desk, technical support, call center and IT professionals will find this software a superior one.

Additional Info

  • Reporting: Yes
  • Historical Audit: Yes
  • Time Tracking : Yes
  • Help Desk Tickets: Yes
  • Issue Tracking: Yes
  • Platform: Web based, Windows

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