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BoldChat is one more live shat support software worth of your attention. The setup process is an easy one and the features set are pretty good. BoldChat do not support all monitoring capabilities and features but has solid options available. With BoldChat everything we expect for live chat support software is possible.

BoldChat offers the eCRM single operator plan as well as premier and basic ones. To add new operators is possible. BoldChat live chat support software gives percentage discounts. The discount grows if the number of users grows respectively. The option is useful in the case of company growing.

Moreover, BoldChat is easy to use and does not cause any troublesome problems. The setup process is also not complicated. BoldChat included instructions are clear and well written. So you’ll setup and run the application with a wet finger.

BoldChat offers multiple chats at once. Moreover, the navigating features complicate the process a little bit. It’s great that this live chat support software provides this option at all.

BoldChat has great number of features. There are offline/online message system, auto-invitation, ability to force webpages and hot key canned messages. In case of the eCRM plan much more features are included, such as: user defined statuses, folders and auto-thread emails.

BoldChat provides also such useful tools and options like visitor footprints, repeat visitor identification and tracking visitor referral and several traffic monitoring features (    visitor alerts and monitoring, proactive invitations and visitor data capturing).

Providing live chat and email support BoldChat grows with your company. You can add as many operators as it is necessary. There are no limitations. The application price does not depend on the how many operators you add.

So, BoldChat is a worth program with worth set of features. BoldChat live chat support software works good and can provide you with the excellent service.

Additional Info

  • Online/Offline Status:
  • Online/Offline Messaging System:
  • Built-In Chat Buttons/Images:
  • Customizable Chat Buttons:
  • Customizable Chat Window:
  • Remote Administration:
  • Self-Generating Scripts:
  • Sound Alerts:
  • Visual Alerts:
  • Canned Greetings:
  • Modify Canned Greetings:
  • Multiple Chat Sessions:
  • Chat Transfer to Other Operators:
  • Built-In Spell Checker:
  • Typing Indicator:
  • Email Chat Transcripts:
  • Force Webpages:
  • Force Images:
  • Co-Web Browsing:
  • Document Sharing:
  • Floating Invitation to Chat:
  • Customer Survey:
  • Advertising Features:
  • Live Keywords:
  • Mobile Option:
  • Chat:
  • Monitor Chats:
  • Web-to-Mobile Transfer:
  • Platform: iOs
  • SSL Secure Data Transfer:
  • Block IP Addresses:
  • Repeat Visitor Identification:
  • Visitor History/Transcripts:
  • Track Visitor Refer:
  • Track Visitor Footprints:
  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring:
  • Real-Time Visitor Alert:
  • Proactive Invitation:
  • Capture of Visitor Data:
  • Website Statistics Summary:
  • Who Is Browser Lookup:
  • Live Chat Support:
  • Email Support:
  • Toll-Free Telephone Support:
  • 24/7 Support:
  • Windows 7:
  • Windows Vista:
  • Windows XP:

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