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Autotask is a perfect solution to maximize your company return of investment. It will help you to manage workforce resources more efficiently and provide an excellent customer support.

Autotask was created with many integrated modules. Project management, CRM, time billing/tracking and customer service are included. They give you access to all processes in your company.

-    Track your customer relationships
-    Implement software engagements and IT
-    Dispatch and schedule field service techs
-    Convert and capture monitoring alerts
-    Monitor and track billable time
-    Invoice and approve all services
-    Customer service requests can be processed
-    Real time reports on live data can be generated

You can configure Autotask to provide your unique IT Services business functions. The software allows turning individual modules on and off. Different views on the data or different access levels can be given to a certain users.

Autotask can be easily integrated with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word or QuickBooks.

With Autotask you can implement, sell, bill and deliver your services improving your business efficiency that means more profitability.

Additional Info

  • Billing and Invoicing: Yes
  • Reporting: Yes
  • Historical Audit: Yes
  • Time Tracking : Yes
  • Platform: Web based
  • Workflow Management: Yes

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